Kubota U55-4

Affectionately known as the ‘carrot’, the Kubota U55-4 represents the latest and greatest in mid-size excavators. It’s class leading break-out force, multiple hydraulic feeds and angle blade make it one of the most flexible and efficient excavators available. All of which equate to saving you time and money, whilst ensuring a great finish. We’ve listed the main dimensions below to give you an idea of where it can and can’t go, and the reach / lift specifications to illustrate what it can do…

Kubota Dimensions - Above Kubota Dimensions - Side

Kubota Reach Specs

  • A = 5665mm
  • B = 4005mm
  • C = 3630mm
  • D = 2830mm
  • E = 5960mm
  • F = 6105mm
  • G = 2020mm
  • H = 1045mm

Some of our key attachments for the U55-4 include:

Toku Hammer - TNB_5MToku 5M Hydraulic Hammer.. or as we like to call it… THOR’S HAMMER! Through a combination of optimal piston design and a nitrogen charged recoil chamber, this beast has world leading power transfer and breaking force.

If you’ve got something you want broken, please (pretty please) let us have a crack at it with this!


Ei-engineering Mud & GP buckets (1500, 300 & 450mm respectively) with a choice of standard and/or tiger teeth. If you suspect we’ll hit ‘fracturable’ rock whilst digging, let us know and we’ll come prepared with a full set of tiger teeth.


HDRsmallEmbrey HDR-40 Heavy Duty Rake Grapple. The hydraulic actuated Rake grapple is a phenomenal piece of equipment. Built to grip and lift everything from scrap timber through to rock, it has the power and dexterity to tackle any job. Coupled with the programmable flow rate of the Kubota U55-4 hydraulics, you could build a rock wall one day and demolish a building the following.


PD5-mediumHeavy Duty Rock Driver & Auger. Our 5T Rock driver and augers are our most popular attachment. If you have post holes, foundations or even if you need to plant of a lot of trees / plants – even if it’s in rock, the driver and augers will dramatically reduce the time and effort required. We have 100mm, 200mm, 350mm and 400mm augers all fitted with ‘rock teeth’.