Kubota U17-3

Affectionately known as the ‘baby carrot’, the Kubota U17-3 is the go to machine when we’re in a tight jam. With it’s combination of Removable Canopy, Zero Tail Swing and Variable Width Tracks and Blade, there are very few places this little baby can’t go, and more importantly work in.  Decked out with a 17HP Diesel power plant and 45 l/min hydraulic pump, once it’s on site and working, it has the power and speed to ensure we can get the job done quickly and efficiently.

The ‘Baby Carrot’s’ main dimensions are listed below.  Keep in mind that if you’re worried about height, the Canopy can be removed, temporarily lowering it’s height to just over 1500mm.

Kubota U17-3 Elevation View

Kubota U17-3 Birdseye View

Kubota U17-3 Dimensions

  • A = 3540mm
  • B = 2440mm
  • C = 2310mm
  • D = 1910mm
  • E = 3840mm
  • F = 3900mm
  • G = 1215mm
  • H = 620mm

Some of our key attachments for the U17-3 include:

SGA Mud & GP buckets (900 & 300mm respectively). These buckets are fantastic for trenching in services and clearing spoils.



PD5-mediumHeavy Duty Rock Driver & Auger. Our 5T Rock driver and augers are our most popular attachment. If you have post holes, foundations or even if you need to plant of a lot of trees / plants – even if it’s in rock, the driver and augers will dramatically reduce the time and effort required. We have 100mm, 200mm, 350mm and 400mm augers all fitted with ‘rock teeth’.