Back at School and getting D’s…

Late last year we had the pleasure of helping out Collingwood College’s parents and staff in building a new playground for the junior school.   Having made a stellar impression, they asked us back this week to help out with some more jobs around the school, including:

  • Excavating a courtyard to make way for a new paved / gravel walkway and garden beds
  • Moving and packing gravel in preparation for a concrete slab
  • Demolishing a brick wall to open up a little more space in the outer car-park

The College is a massive complex with fantastic facilities and established gardens, walkways and playgrounds.  Unfortunately this makes access and moving material around a little tricky.  Fortunately however, with the recent addition of the Baby Carrot (Kubota U17-3), we were able to squeeze through the walkways and corridors and get stuck into the job.

IMG_6116 IMG_6115

The brick wall proved to be a respectable challenge, double skinned, core filled and heavily re-enforced (not exactly sure what it was designed to stop!), Baby Carrot took some time knock it over and clear away the rubble.  Nonetheless, in just over 8 hours, we had finished all three jobs, cleaned-up and were rolling out the gate.

IMG_6120 IMG_6114

There are a few more walls, and a brick ‘facilities hut’ that we are booked in to demolish during school holidays – apparently flying bricks and kids don’t mix well.  As the walls and hut adjoin the outer car-park, we’ll have room to roll in the Mighty Carrot (Kubota U55-4) fitted with the Hammer and Hydraulic Grapple… should be a fun day at the office!