The Baby Carrot!

After the success of adding the ‘Mighty Carrot’ (Kubota U55-4) to the fleet, we thought it best to press on and make sure we have the full range of machines available. As such, it is with great pleasure that we introduce… quiet drum roll in the background… anticipation building… bladders straining due to the sheer excitement… the ‘Baby Carrot’ (Kubota U17-3)!

Kubota U17-3Added to the AMJ Fleet last week, this little bundle of joy weighs in at just over 1.73T when fueled up and wearing its buckets.  Whilst it is by far the smallest member of the fleet, it more than makes up for its lack of mass through a myriad of clever and innovative features, including:

  • Variable Width Tracks – That’s right, the tracks are hydraulically adjustable to enable it to squeeze through tight spots, and then broaden its stance to maximise its reach and stability.
  • Variable Width Blade – It would be a little pointless to have fancy tracks, squeeze through a tight spot and get the blade stuck.  The Engineers at Kubota were on a roll when they designed this little gem, and have fitted it with an adjustable blade to match. Arigatou gozaimasu boys! (Japanese for thank you very much… or bless you… wasn’t really clear on google…)
  • Removable Canopy – Undo 4 bolts, and 1 power connector and the Canopy can be temporarily removed, reducing the Baby Carrot’s height down from 2.3 meters (incidentally only a little over my height) to 1.5 meters.  Allowing us to squeeze under most carports, doorways, garages, pergolas etc.
  • Rated lifting points – Sometimes the only way in to a job is an via aerial approach.  As such the little U17-3 is fitted with lifting points to enable it to be dropped from a plane and parachute in to where it’s needed most… or alternatively (far less exciting) it can be lifted by a crane.

We’ve been hard at work getting plates, hitches, pins and brackets fabricated to make sure the little tacker can utilise as many of our attachments as possible, including Buckets, Ripper Tyne, Driver and Augers.  For a full list of its features, dimensions and attachments, please check out our Equipment page.

The ‘Baby Carrot’ is the perfect option for all small or tight access jobs such as:

  • Clearing and Landscaping backyards
  • Excavating sites for sheds
  • Digging trenches along buildings or fences
  • Drilling post holes for retaining walls or extensions
  • Digging small backyard pools

And almost any other job you can think of.  So next time you’re reaching for the shovel, remember the ‘Baby Carrot’ and give us a bell.  If access is extremely tight and we have to parachute in, we’ll do it at cost (fuel, hours, transport and a 6 pack of Men’s Bonds undies – with little excavators on them).