Clean up on aisle 3… someone dropped 30T of rubbish!

We love taking on new clients and new challenges, and this week we were fortunate enough to get to do both.  Our new clients are preparing to sell their semi-rural property, and contacted us to see if we could help clean up prior to planned inspections.

As is often the case on rural properties, rubbish from various repairs, projects, maintenance and general use quickly mounts up.  In this case, it had been a while between clean-ups, so the pile had grown to approximately 40 cubic metres and consisted of everything from old flooring through to gas cylinders and scrap metal.

Tipping fees for mixed loads such as this can be exorbitant, and it well and truly pays to do your homework to figure out the best way to get rid of it.  Skip or Bin hire is a popular choice, and can be a great option if you have hazardous materials such as asbestos, old paint or other chemicals  (reducing the number of times hazardous waste is handled is generally safer and cheaper).  However, for green waste, clean fill or mixed loads such as this, it is far cheaper to have your rugged, handsome and witty Earthworks contractor remove it for you… In this instance, using skips would have been roughly 70% more expensive.

So with our homework done (cheapest tip and location sorted) we deployed the Mighty Carrot (Kubota U55-4) fitted with the HDR40 Hydraulic Rake Grapple.   To say we were a little excited to put the Carrot and grapple through their paces is an understatement, and I’m very glad to report that they didn’t disappoint.

The Mighty Carrot hard at work!IMG_5837

Using the Carrot’s brute strength, we were able to flatten, crush, demolish, smash and obliterate the majority of items in the pile, significantly reducing the number of tip runs, and time required to complete the job.  Probably the only thing that proved a little challenging was picking up some of the cables and hoses that were in the pile – it’s a little like trying to eat spaghetti without being able to twirl your fork to pick it up!

IMG_5848Version 2

In the end, we managed to squash the 40 metres down to 30 and cleared the pile in just 3 loads.  For the final clean, we swapped the HDR40 grapple for the Carrot’s EI Engineering 1500mm mud bucket.  With a little raking and scraping, the end result was very clean and tidy, and you’d never have known there was 40 metres of rubbish there just hours before.

If you have a pile of rubbish, green waste, clean-fill or rubble that you want removed, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.  We would love the opportunity to help you get rid of it as quickly and cost effectively as possible.  Don’t worry if access is tight, we have numerous machines of different sizes and capabilities, so give us a call, or check out our Equipment page for a list of our machines and their respective dimensions.