The Mighty Carrot!

Traditionally we’ve been an all CAT company, but with Kubotas latest offering, we couldn’t help but go Orange when it came time to purchase a new 5.5T Excavator.

Kubota U55-4

And here it is – the much-anticipated, fully featured, brand spanking new 5.5T Kubota U55-4.  Affectionately known henceforth as the ‘Carrot’!  This animal has all the latest and greatest bells and whistles that make it feel at home in the tightest of jobs right through to large commercial excavations.  With class leading breakout force, it punches well above its weight (similar to other brand’s 8T models) yet enjoys the smaller form factor and zero turn features of the 5T class.

No new toy is complete without a heap of accessories, and for the cleverly named ‘Carrot’ (yes I named it), we’ve gone all out:

  • First and foremost is the Toku 5M Hydraulic Hammer.  From the chisel up, the Toku hammers are designed to provide maximum power transfer, and when coupled with their ‘optimal piston design’ and ‘nitrogen charged recoil chamber’, they deliver world leading break force and reliability.
  • Second comes one of our all time favourites.  The Embrey HDR40 Hydraulic Grapple.  Having used its smaller brother extensively on our CAT 2.4T excavator, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to fit the Carrot up with a bigger, meaner and more powerful version.  We’re yet to put it to the test, so if you have something you want demolished, crushed, ripped apart or just generally destroyed, please call IMMEDIATELY.  As you may have guessed, we’re very keen to see what it can do!
  • Last but not least is a full complement of EI Engineering buckets.  We dug deep (pun fully intended) and picked up 350mm & 450mm GP buckets with optional Tiger Teeth.  The Tiger Teeth are specifically designed to rip into and break up ‘fracturable’ rock.  We also picked up a 1500mm mud bucket and Ripper Tyne to make sure we have all the options covered.

It’s important to have the right tool for the job, and keeping your tools happy is critical – so we made sure the Carrot had a few luxury items to keep the boys nice and comfy (hopefully you can see what I did there 🙂 – sorry boys!).  The cab is fitted with Air Conditioning, Heating, Bluetooth Stereo, Vanity Mirror (I know right?!?! quick make-up check before stepping out of the cab??) and all the windows are tinted to ensure no one gets fried during the hotter months.

For the full details on the Carrots dimensions and accessories, check out our Equipment page. If you’ve got a job that you think could use the Carrot, don’t hesitate to call!