McClaren Over Tyre Tracks (OTTs)

‘Formidable’, ‘Impressive’ and ‘Struth’ are the words that come to mind when describing the latest addition to the AMJ Earthworks collection of attachments and accessories.

With the onset of Autumn and the inevitable mud that follows, we lashed out and picked up a set of McClaren Over Tyre Tracks (OTTs).

McClaren Rubber OTTsMcClaren Rubber OTTs - On Skid Steer

The McClaren OTTs bolt on over the existing Skid Steer tyres, instantly transforming it from an already capable workhorse into an unstoppable juggernaut.  This beast will now work in rain, hail, mud, snow, ice and sand.  Unfortunately getting the boys to work in those conditions is a little harder.  Might have to make up a few flasks with warm milk and a couple of teaspoons of concrete!

Whilst the main benefit of the Tracks is the ability to work in any condition, they also have some other great advantages, including:

  • Increase in flotation (approx 5x increase), enabling the machine to sit up on top of the surface as opposed to breaking through and making a mess
  • Increases the overall weight of the machine (additional 250kg) enabling the skid steer to lift more without tipping forward
  • Lowers the machine’s centre of gravity, enabling it to remain stable and work safely on steeper inclines and angles
  • Rubber pads that won’t damage concrete, bitumen or other paved surfaces

Each link of the tracks weighs in at just over 5kg, and with 23 links on each side, the tracks take a little time and effort to get on and off.  As such we plan to leave them on from late Autumn through to mid Spring.  Naturally though if you have a job outside of those times that you think the tracks would be good for (working on grass, turf or other sensitive areas), let us know and we will come prepared!