The Great Wall of Croydon

Well it was a frantic few months in the lead up to Xmas and we’re slowly getting back on top of the photos and posts to share some of our latest and greatest jobs.

This job aka “The Great Wall of Croydon” was for one of our regular clients, and as always we were keen to get involved and help out on their latest project.

The initial brief entailed:

  • Removal of an old railway sleeper retaining wall (approximately 20m long)
  • Excavation and removal of approximately 30 tonne of soil and clay (new retaining wall planned to be built 2M back into bank)
  • Drilling of 16 post holes (between 1.5 and 2M deep by 250mm wide)

We rolled in the CAT 226B2 Skid Steer, 302.4 Excavator and our 10T Tipper.

Access was extremely tight at first, with work starting directly under a double car port.  However, after a little over 30 minutes, the excavator fitted with the Heavy Duty Rock grapple had made light work of removing a good portion of the existing railway sleepers, making itself a platform to work from, and giving it a little more room to swing in.


Once the existing wall and soil was removed, our clients saw an opportunity to use some large rocks as part of the retaining wall.   Once the rocks were selected (from the local Transrock yard), the boys nipped down, picked them up and once again using the Heavy Duty Rock grapple had them in place and ready for backfiling in very short order.  The finished product looks great, and should provide a maintenance free retaining wall for life!


In fact, our clients were so happy with the rocks (and impressed with our ability to place them so perfectly) that they asked us to build the kids a sand pit.  So once again, off to the rock yard, an hour or so with the excavator and heavy-duty rock grapple, a quick run to the garden supplies for sand and voila! instant sand pit with inbuilt planters for shade trees.  The kids took to it immediately!


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