3 short of 100!

Our latest clients are in the early stages of extending their home.  As with most extensions, there was a need to level the site, lay new plumbing and drill holes for the stumps.  BVJ Plumbing had been sub-contracted to handle the work, and bought us in to help out with some of the excavations and drilling the stump holes… all 97 of them!  Bit of a pity really, 3 more and we could have notched up a first 100 hole job.  Ah well – next time!


Even the best laid plans rarely survive the first day of work, and this job was no exception.  A combination of prevailing weather, soil conditions and some new landscaping ideas kept the boys on their toes, but to their credit, they put their booms down and buckets up (trade speak for heads down, bums up) and made it work.

Spoil management is always a challenge on smaller jobs like this.  Accurate calculation of the volumes and a good plan of what you will do with it is key.  For this job the client decided to stock pile some for top-dressing and landscaping at a later time.  It’s a great idea, as it removes the cost of transporting and dumping it.  Just make sure you pile it somewhere out of the way as double handling can quickly add hours if not days to a job.


Our recently acquired Digga 350mm Heavy Duty Rock Auger was christened and worked hard on this job.  As the plans called for 300mm holes between 800 and 1400mm deep, and it enabled us to leave perfect, clean holes  – all of which passed inspection first time.

The auger worked so well in fact that we were able to wrap up the job quicker than expected.  It’s always nice to hand a client an invoice that is significantly lower than the quote!

Special thanks to BVJ Plumbing for asking us to assist.  We’ve known and used BVJ plumbing several times over the past few years, and have no hesitation in recommending them.  So if you’re in need of a good, honest plumber, let us know and we’ll put you in touch with BVJ.

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