Heavy Duty Rock Auger

Another day, another toy! And yes we love our toys!!

We took time out today for a quick trip down to one of our favourite local manufactures – Digga, to pick up a new Driver hitch and 350mm Heavy Duty Rock Auger.

The new hitch will enable us to use our existing Digga 5T Driver and Augers on the excavator giving us un-paralleled reach and flexibility.  Perfect for those awkward and tough to get into jobs.

The 350mm Rock Auger is an absolute beast and will make short work of earth, shale, asphalt, clay, permafrost (very common in Australia :)), fracturable rock and just about anything else you can put in front of it (preferably not water and gas mains!).

Digga Rock Auger

At 350mm with Digga’s ‘TRU-CUT’ design, it’s perfect for drilling post and stump holes for new builds or extensions.  Coupled with its heavy duty construction and ‘twin tungsten’ tipped teeth, it enables us to drill clean, precise holes in almost any condition.

These new toys augment our existing Driver attachment for the Skid Steer and the 200 and 400mm Heavy Duty Rock Augers.  For more details, check out our Equipment page.

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