Mud wrestling with Chris’ Excavations!

Huntingtower School in Mount Waverley is expanding and they have just started excavating footings for their new facilities and classrooms.  Chris’ Excavations was called in to dig the foundations and, considering current conditions, leaving the dirt on-site was not an option. So Chris asked us to help out (thanks Chris!!).  We rolled in the mighty CAT 226B2 to move the dirt around on site, and the 10T tipper to give it a ‘dink’ to the tip.


Conditions were not ideal, but the boys got stuck into it. With some early starts and long days, they knocked it over in short order.  The combination of mud and clay made it a little slippery at times, and watching the boys slip’n’slide between and in the machines was very entertaining – some of the pirouettes, poses and almost full splits were priceless… Should have really called this job ‘Mud Ballet presented by Chris and AMJ Earthworks’, but I don’t think the boys would have been to keen on that… although I’m pretty sure they’d be keen to wear ‘high vis’ tutus 🙂


Seriously though, it’s in these sorts of conditions that having good quality, reliable equipment and skilled operators becomes critical.  Digging strip footings to spec in wet soil and clay, whilst ensuring they don’t collapse takes skill and experience – both of which Chris has plenty of.  Having watched Chris work, if you’re in need of a of 3.5T excavator and highly skilled operator, we strongly recommend Chris’ Excavations.  If you’d like Chris to help out on a job, give us a bell and we can put you in touch.

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