Digging a Pool

Our newest Client has secured a very nice block of land and is preparing to build their dream home.  Prior to starting the build on the house (which will restrict access to the back yard) our Client asked us to come in and dig a hole in preparation for a pool / swim-spa.


A large portion of the block is on fill, so it was fast and easy digging until we hit clay.  Then it was off with the mud bucket, and on with the 700mm GP.

The combination of a few weeks of rain and fill meant there was no way we could get a Truck onto the site to dump the dirt straight in, so we used the little Skid Steer to run the dirt from the excavation out to the street.  It added a little time to the job, but it meant that the Truck didn’t become a permanent fixture on the block, and end up as the centre piece in our Client’s new home.


Not sure what happened in the last photo…. either there is some very big birds out that way, or someone slipped whilst tipping a load in the Truck!

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