Stairway to Heaven

Our new client’s house is on a sizeable slope, and they asked us to help build a staircase to facilitate easier access to the street and their mailbox (as opposed to walking down a potentially slippery driveway).

The boys followed standard procedure and contacted DBYD (Dial Before You Dig) prior to commencing work.  Unfortunately a couple of our client’s services run almost directly under where the staircase was to be built.  As such, the boys spent a bit of time on the shovels figuring out exactly where they could excavate safely and where / how deep they could drive in supports (and winging about getting blisters!! Try a tea-spoon of concrete fellas!).

With the services located, the boys completed the excavations and used the 2.4T Excavator with the HDR-20 (Heavy Duty Rock Grapple) to carefully place the rocks they had carted in (no plants, hedges or shrubs were harmed in the making of this staircase..).

A few upright supports, a little gravel and voila! Great job done and one very happy customer!

IMG_4010 IMG_4011

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